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At SCHWAB ABOGADOS we offer legal solutions in Commercial & Corporate Law, Business Restructuring and Bankruptcy Law, International Law, among other areas


Our Areas

Commercial & Corporate Law

Our Department of Commercial and Corporate Law has commercial lawyers in Valencia with consolidated experience advising companies and individuals in all areas of commercial practice and corporate law.

Business Companies
  • Company Formation
  • Modification of Articles of Association
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Demergers & Takeovers
  • Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies
  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Due Diligence
  • Sale & Purchase of Companies
  • Sale & Purchase of Shares
  • Joint Ventures
  • Parent Companies, Subsidiaries,
  • Branches & Permanent Establishments
  • Temporary Business Association
  • Restructuring of Companies
  • Legal Preventive Audit Systems
  • Holding Companies
  • Advice, negotiation and preparation of all types of Commercial Contracts
  • Analysis and claims of contracts
  • Trust Agreements
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Guarantees and Bonds
  • Preparation of International Contracts
  • Accompanying clients in their international investment strategies
  • International Arbitration and Mediation

Bankruptcy Law & Business Restructuring

Insolvency law, and the so-called insolvency proceedings, is one of the essential areas of practice in our firm.

Business Restructuring & Refinancing
  • Study of the financial situation
  • Analysis of the proposal for the restructuring of the company
  • Plan review to refinance debt
  • Negotiations with financial institutions and suppliers
  • Drafting and negotiation of refinancing and debt restructuring agreements
  • Complete “In-House” Restructuring with multidisciplinary labor, tax & restructuring professionlas and a specialized manager in the sector to avoid a possible or foreseeable bankruptcy situation
  • Out-of-Court payment agreement
  • Communication of the start of negotiations
  • Preparation of the “Pre-Pack”: Presentation of a purchase offer and negotiation with creditors
  • Sales of companies, productive units or assets in the context of business crisis
  • Request for bankruptcy by the debtor or by the creditor
  • Monitoring of the entire bankruptcy procedure
  • Defense of the rights of financial creditors, workers, or of any other nature
  • Administrators Liability
  • Reintegration Actions
  • Assignment or Purchase of Credit
  • Insolvency Administration Service
  • Express Bankruptcy Procedure

Real Estate Law

Our Real Estate Lawyers in Valencia advise in depth on all aspects related to real estate, investment, construction, development, taxation, financing and leasing of all types of properties.

  • Purchase & Sale of Real Estate
  • International Investments
  • Auctions & Real Estate Adjudications
  • Mortgage Law
  • General Property Management
  • All types of Urban & Rustic Lease Agreements
  • Licenses for Touristic Usage
  • Contracts with Real Estate Agents

Fiscal and Tax

Our Fiscal & Tax Lawyers in Valencia are in charge of comprehensive tax planning for our clients. This is the best way to help reduce your tax burden. We offer tax advisory services to both national and international companies and individuals.


• Tax advice and planning for entities and individuals
• Taxation of structural modifications of companies (business restructuring)
• Transfer prices and related transactions, negotiation with the Tax Administration of previous valuation agreements
• Taxation of non-residents, international double taxation
• Real estate taxation
• Prevention and detection of tax risks
• Assistance in management procedures, penalties, collection, and tax inspection, claims before administrative or contentious, national and european authorities
• Patrimonial Responsibility of the Administration

Recovery Management

SCHWAB ABOGADOS has expert lawyers in debt collection, collection of unpaid debts and claims against debtors. We offer you efficient recovery services through out-of-court agreements and judicial claim in managing the collection of defaulters. With us you can drastically reduce your unpaid invoices or directly eliminate all your unpaid files.

  • Default
  • Debt Collection
  • Litigation
  • Out-of-Court Procedure
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centre System
  • Management Software

Energy Law

At SCHWAB ABOGADOS we have lawyers specialized in Energy Law. We offer comprehensive advice on regulatory and legal aspects of the electricity sector (generation, trade and transmission) trading, access to networks, etc.

Supply of Electricity & Gas
  • Registration as a Market Agent, before Spain’s national Grid Operator (REE) and Market Operator (OMIE)
  • Contracting: Energy Supply / Supply to Final Customer
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)
  • Civil Liability for Suspension of Supply
  • Extinction of the Authorization for the Exercise of the Activity
  • Energy Taxation (Local Tax for Land, Flight and Subsoil Occupation, Electricity Tax, Economic Activities Tax, Hydrocarbon Tax)
  • Guarantees of Origin (GOs)
  • Representation in the Energy Market
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Negotiation with Energy Consultants
  • Derivatives Market
Self - Consumption
  • Interruptibility Mechanism
  • Conflicts of Access and Connection to the Grid
  • Extension of Networks and Connections
  • Contracting
  • Civil Liability for Suspension of Supply
Energy efficiency
  • Consumption Management
  • Smart Grids
  • Electric Vehicle and Energy Recharge Services

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Buying and selling of real estate

We review and draft the purchase or rental contracts, we make sure that everything is in order, without abusive clauses.

Debt Claim

We find the best framework of action to recover defaults.

Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies

We analyze the context in which they carry out their business and without losing sight of the possible legal risks that the client must face in the short and long term.

Escrow Agreements

We bring innovative ideas to international businesses.

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