Bankruptcy Law & Business Restructuring

Bankruptcy Law & Business Restructuring, and the so-called insolvency proceedings, is one of the essential areas of practice in our firm.

From the first signs of an imminent or current state of insolvency, the lawyers of our firm will be able to provide you with the highest possible degree of specialization, accompanying you until the last phase of any insolvency proceeding, whether it be agreement or liquidation.

Should it be required, our lawyers will provide you with the best defense in a qualification piece within insolvency proceedings, as well as in case of a recovery action, accessory and incidental actions, or others of similar nature that may arise under Insolvency Law.

The experience not only as lawyers of the insolvent debtor, be it a legal or natural person, lawyers of the plaintiff and of any creditor with an interest in the development of the proceedings, but also as legal advisors to those affected by the development of the insolvency proceedings, as well as our vast experience as bankruptcy administrators, allows us to affirm that we are the adequate firm to fulfill your expectations.

Business Restructuring & Refinancing

  • Study of the financial situation
  • Analysis of the proposal for the restructuring of the company
  • Plan review to refinance debt
  • Negotiations with financial institutions and suppliers
  • Drafting and negotiation of refinancing and debt restructuring agreements
  • Complete “In-House” Restructuring with multidisciplinary labor, tax & restructuring professionlas and a specialized manager in the sector to avoid a possible or foreseeable bankruptcy situation
  • Out-of-Court payment agreement
  • Communication of the start of negotiations
  • Preparation of the “Pre-Pack”: Presentation of a purchase offer and negotiation with creditors
  • Sales of companies, productive units or assets in the context of business crisis


  • Request for bankruptcy by the debtor or by the creditor
  • Monitoring of the entire bankruptcy procedure
  • Defense of the rights of financial creditors, workers, or of any other nature
  • Administrators Liability
  • Reintegration Actions
  • Assignment or Purchase of Credit
  • Insolvency Administration Service
  • Express Bankruptcy Procedure

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