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estate law

Our specialists in real estate law provide in-depth advice on all aspects related to real estate, investment, construction, promotion, taxation, financing and leasing of all types of real estate.


real estate law in spain

Experts in real estate law are in charge of reviewing and drafting the purchase, sale or rental contracts and make sure that everything is in order, without abusive clauses that may affect buyers in the future.

Types of real estate law

Real estate law
derecho inmobiliario

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and sale of Real Estate

Compra y venta de Inmuebles

We review and draw up the sales or rental contracts, we make sure that everything is in order, without abusive clauses.

Debt Claim

We find the best framework of action to recover defaults.

Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies

We analyze the context in which the client develops its business without losing sight of the possible legal risks that the client must face

Escrow Agreements

We bring innovative ideas to international businesses.

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